This is a list of short profiles of the best allies to the Outsiders.

Lynn Stewart-Pierce

Black Lightning/Jeff Pierce's ex-wife, who works as a business exceutive in Los Angeles. Before they broke up, they had a daughter, Anissa, who developed her own metaphysical powers, and now runs a career as a superheroine, Thunder. Lynn still works in California, and even after she and her husband broke up, they still maintained good relationships with each other.

King Gregor Markov and Queen Ilona Markov

Geo-Force/Brion Markov's brother and sister-in-law, the rulers of Markovia, who helped the Outsiders on many of their mission by providing funding for their operations. Sadly, they were both murdered by the vampire Roderick, who was trying to stage an overthrow of their country in 1995. Since then, Brion has taken over rulership of his native homeland.

Sapphire Stagg-Mason

Metamorpho's girlfriend and later wife, daughter of a prominent archaeologist and scientist, Simon Stagg. She was quite in love with him, despite his shyness at times, and they later married. Following his death on one of the Outsiders' adventures, she remarried, but a few years later, she and Rex were reunited. Rex and Sapphire bore a child, Joey, who had inherited mutagenic powers from Metamorpho, though he was later cured of these powers.

Force of July

This was a group of clumsy patriots who operated under the influence of the American Security Agency's director B. Eric Blairman. Though they fought with the Outsiders a few times, they weren't truly villains, and just mistook the Outsiders for subversive agents. Their leader was Major Victory, the only one whose own true identity was not kept secret, but the source of his powers (super-strength and endurance) was: they were channeled by his costume, and should it be removed, so too would be his powers.

The rest of the members included Lady Liberty, whose power was via her hand-held torch weapon (flight and energy blasts), Silent Majority, who could produce multiple duplicates of himself (and usually spoke in one-syllable words like "yep", "nope", and "huh?"), Mayflower, who could control plant life, causing it to grow very fast, and Sparkler, a young boy who could generate firework-like effects and fly.

They were even once captured by the Soviets, who analyzed their powers to enable them to form their own super-team, the People's Heroes. Later, they were killed off, and only Major Victory survived, becoming a member of the Suicide Squad. But then, he too was killed off, in the early 1990's.

Dr. Helga Jace

The scientific advisor to the Markovian government, who helped Geo-Force and his younger sister Tara (Terra) create their powers after Baron Bedlam took over. When Geo-Force joined the Outsiders, she became a technical assistant to the team. She was later revealed to be an agent of the Manhunters during the Millennium crossover in 1988, and died during that battle.

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