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The New Teen Titans: The Judas Contract TPB While it may not be the Outsiders, it most certainly is something to do with a relative of Geo-Force. Namely, Terra/Tara Markov, the teenaged wacko who infiltrated the Titans, and almost brought about their downfall.
Why Destroy a Universe? Part One DC's overblown, overhyped “Identity Crisis” wallows in bigotry, insults the intellect, and signals they may be moving in Marvel’s direction from 2003, of trying to make sales through controversy. This is a trio of essays I first wrote in February 2005.
Why Destroy a Universe? Part Two More of the holes in the story in Identity Crisis are focused upon in here.
Why Destroy a Universe? Part Three Concluding the focus on the travesty of Identity Crisis.
Destroying the Atom, Shredding the Elongated Man Are Ray “Atom” Palmer and Ralph “Elongated Man” Dibny, ditto their respective spouses Sue Dibny and Jean Loring, the most shoddily treated members of the DCU? Well, that's exactly what I'm pondering in this essay.
Letters column from Adventures of the Outsiders #36, August 1986 Featuring letters from the readers on the time when Batman left his role as leader of the team.
Why the site moved to a new location I once had this displayed on the front page at a time when I needed to move the site content to a new server.
Distancing myself from the works of Geoff Johns It's 2010, a long time since I updated this site, and I want to try and do my best to explain why I no longer want anything to do with the man who would be DC's "chief creative officer".
Appropriate changes for an appropriate view My belated explanation for why I simplified this site so it just officially concentrates on the original Outsiders, as they were between 1983-95.

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