Why the site is now at a new location

November 30, 2007

By Avi Green

Some of you visiting this site may notice that this site has now moved to a new server, while for others, let me note that it used to be on a smaller server. Well, thereís reasons for that, such as that the previous one was showing signs of wear and tear, and I decided thus that the time had come to move it. Plus, since this new one allows for more than one site to be hosted within the same account, and I already had hosted here another fansite for the women of the Avengers over at Marvel Comics, so I thought it could make a great place Ė for both of them together!

That aside, let me also note that, as of today, Iíve become pretty busy, even attending bloggers conferences, so it ainít easy to update this site as I wish I could. (Although I decided I would have to do away with a statistics counter I'd tried to install here and on the Marvel fansite too, since it just wasn't working out well. I'll try to seek another one later that works better.)

Of course, thereís also the problem of that, itís not like DC Comics has done anything to really please/satisfy me lately. The damage done in the wake of the Identity/Infinite Crisis debacle is still around to my knowledge, and only when itís done away with will it be possible, IMHO, to make things truly appealing to me again.

For now, I suppose one thing thatís certainly a good step in the right direction would be the hiring of Chuck Dixon to write the new volume of Batman and the Outsiders, which brings the Masked Manhunter back to the role he once had as the teamís leader. I know that Katana and Metamorpho are both returning to their membership, and I certainly hope that Cassandra Cain, whoíd been the new Batgirl introduced in about 1998, is going to be redeemed following her catastrophous, editorially-mandated change into a villainess, as was the case with Jean Loring being turned into a new Eclipso, which is truly obscene and sick. That too is something that still requires reversal, as does even the humiliation of her husband, Ray Palmer, the Atom, whoís still in editorially-edicted limbo, as of this writing.

Green Arrow may also become a member of the new roster of Outsiders, while his former sidekick, Roy Harper, first Speedy and then Arsenal, as well as the other former Titans, may be getting their own solo book as Titans again. (By the way, if Roy is still going by the name of Red Arrow, let me just say that I detest that codename, as it sounds ludicrous, which is pretty much what Iíve come to expect from the overrated novelist Brad Meltzer, whose run on the new volume of Justice League of America, as some readers have said, is very dull. Good if heís off the book at last then, and Dwayne McDuffie is on instead.) But whatíll really please me is if they have some really challenging adventures with human-interest story elements not unlike what you would see in the 1980s, and maybe even a little more respect for conservatism!

So Iíll be waiting to see what comes of this new volume. Itís good that Judd Winick is off of that, though itís a shame if heís going to be the writer of the new volume of New Titans, if Iíve learned the news correctly. Maybe Tony Bedard, who wrote the finale for the previous volume of Outsiders, would be a better choice, and thatís what Iíd really like to see.

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