This is a bunch of miscellanous pictures of the various characters who've been in the Outsiders.

Rex Mason and Sapphire Stagg after his transformation into a man of the elements. She still loved him even afterwards. Plus, he could give her a joyride as a surfboard!

Black Lightning meets his former wife, Lynn Stewart, some time after their divorce in the early days of Jeff Pierce's adventures. Next is a trading card featuring Katana. And Halo does some caretaking for Alfred Pennyworth at the time the team was first really getting to know Batman was Bruce Wayne, Alfred's employer.

In this scene, from BatO #2, Baron Bedlam holds hostages in his dungeon. But don't worry, they can't be held for long!

During an adventure in Russia, the Outsiders have to break into a compound to rescue the Force of July, and are menaced by a Soviet tank. Metamorpho takes out the problem, or, shall I say, lets the problem take itself out!

Some pictures of Baron Bedlam talking evilly with his minions.

Yep, the former premier of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev, made an apperance here. And he had quite a few tricks up his sleeve in issues to come, that's for sure!

Rex gives Sapphire a most happy Christmas holiday. And in the other picture, we see Halo blasting a robot.

This scene is from the time that Rex was thought dead in the late 1980s. Of course, that's all changed since as he turned up alive again in the Justice League titles.

A portrait of Katana in buddhist prayer as some marksmen stand poised nearby. They'd be advised not to underestimate her. That pose could all be a clever trick!

That's right, we've never had any watery/icy villainess quite like New Wave! I don't think even Firestorm adversary Killer Frost was quite like what Masters of Disaster leader New Wave embodied. Don't worry though, she's defeatable, as the other panel suggests!

During a fight with one of the Masters of Disaster, that being Shakedown, Katana's swords get swiped by some lemming, and combatting that hefty giant at close range can be pretty difficult! Fortunately, while racing ahead of the supercrook through the woods, she finds it again, and the villain turns with his tail between his legs!

Geo-Force is challenged by Mayflower from the Force of July on one side, and on the other, we see a picture from a team-up with the Outsiders and the New Teen Titans, at the time Terra first turned up. Tara Markov was Brion's younger sister, and unfortunately, a willing partner to Deathstroke in his quest to bring down the NTT. For Brion, it was certainly sad that he made that effort to help his sister only to have her turn against his team's best allies and later die in the Judas Contract, mostly from debris that she herself brought down in the H.I.V.E's secret hideout.

This is from the DC Comics Who's Who publications of the 80s, giving a description of the team as led by Batman.

Oh yeah, the team's opponents included a bunch of pagan deities, "New Olympians", if you please! Quite a fantastic duel, I must say!

On one side, we see a picture frame taken from the promos for the Outsiders when they were first beginning in 1983. On the other, Looker and Metamorpho close in on a criminal with the former letting him know she's discovered his plans, and the latter replacing the steering wheel of the jalopy he's driving, ensuring he'll have a nice trip down the road to Sing-Sing.

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