Real name: Sebastian Faust
First appearance: Outsiders #1-Alpha Vol. 2, November 1993
Occupation: magician
Marital status: single
Known relatives: Felix Faust (father), unnamed mother, Fauna (sister)
Residential area: Los Angeles, California
Hair color: black
Eye color: ?


Sebastian Faust is the son of master magician Felix Faust. When Sebastian was just a boy, Felix bartered his son's soul away to the demon, Nebiros. However, the power which Felix expected was granted instead to Sebastian. Since then (understandably), Felix and Sebastian have been somewhat at odds.

Faust had his first contact with the super-hero community in the nation of Markovia. There he encountered Geoffrey Barron and his bodyguard Charlie Wylde, who had fled from an evil vampire called Roderick. Faust was accompanied by a pet bear, which mortally wounded Wylde. To save the man, Faust fused the two into a man-bear.

Also in Markovia were the Outsiders, who were framed for the murder of Markovia's queen. In the chaos, their teammate Looker was killed by Roderick. Faust intended to take certain "precautions" with her body, but the band of heroes was forced to flee to Barron's home in Switzerland.

Faust joined the new Outsiders. They made it back to Gotham City but Faust was among those captured by Commissioner Gordon. He was broken free by his teammates and the Outsiders' name was soon cleared.

Because he has no soul, Faust is devoid of emotion and has little sense of morality. When the Outsiders finally freed Looker in the land of Abyssia, Faust did not hesitate to slay the evil tyrant, Tamira. After this, the Outsiders split up and Faust followed the Eradicator's team.

Soon, Felix Faust attacked the Outsiders in order to regain control over Sebastian's power. Felix employed their member, Wylde and Sebastian's sister, Fauna. (Fauna was also a member of Eve's Strike Force Kobra.) When Felix wounded the Outsider Halo, the two teams finally reunited to defeat Felix.

Faust played a key part in the taming of the new Spectre. Apparently Faust had recovered the bones of the Blue Devil after his death. When he accompanied a group of heroes into Hell, they encountered the demon, Nebiros. Faust resurrected the Blue Devil, who brought about Nebiros' end. With that, Faust's soul was returned to him. He knew only brief happiness, however. When all attempts failed to reignite the fires of Hell, Faust murdered the Enchantress to accomplish the deed. In doing to, he forfeit his soul again. After this he joined the newly-formed Sentinels of Magic.

The Blue Devil was loyal to Faust after this, and they were called to help the JLA when members of the Sentinels were being attacked. Their attacker was Hermes Trismegestus, an evil sorceror who now shared Felix Faust's body. Sebastian was able to reunite Trismegestus' pawn, the Enchantress, with her former host, June Moon. June reclaimed the heroes' souls and weakened Trismegestus while the junior Faust used soul energy from the JLA to destroy the villain once and for all.

Both father and son survived the ordeal and are currently at large. More recently, Sebastian's father tried to reconcile with him.

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