Real name: Wendy Jones
First appearance: Batman and the Outsiders #9
Residential area: ?
Occupation: crimefighter
Marital status: single
Known relatives: Becky Jones (New Wave, sister)
Hair color: blonde
Eye color: ?


The young girl called Windfall debuted as a villain, a member of the Masters of Disaster. This band of mercenaries was led by her sister, Becky (New-Wave). But none of these members (save New-Wave herself) was truly evil. New-Wave's leadership was rather dictatorial and each member had a different reason for following her.

Originally, the Masters were hired to kill Black Lightning. They escaped after this job turned sour but soon took another job: to kidnap Sapphire Stagg, Metamorpho's wife. Both times they clashed with the Outsiders and both times, they escaped. With each contact, Wendy's resolve deteriorated. She even began a sort of friendship with the Outsiders' Halo.

Next, they allied with Baron Bedlam to overthrow Markovia. The Outsiders were freed by their newest member, Looker, who single-handedly defeated the Masters. Following this, Windfall finally reached the end of her rope and defected. She wandered around Markovia for a time and was captured and exposed as one of Bedlam's former mercenaries. Soon, however, she was recaptured by her teammates and cloned as well.

When the Masters of Disaster escaped from Markovia, they sent the Windfall clone to infiltrate the Outsiders, who accepted her as a full-fledged member. Batman was wise to this, however, and the Masters were trapped. The clone was killed in a battle between she and her predecessor. The original Windfall then joined the Outsiders.

She remained with them until their tragic end. Later, after the Outsiders had reformed, Wendy was approached by a girl she thought was her friend, Halo. In fact this girl was Violet Harper, Halo's evil predecessor. Violet convinced Windfall to join Eve's new Strike Force Kobra. The Strike Force was easily decimated by the Eradicator's group and Windfall realized that she had been duped. Again, she rejoined the Outsiders. She remained with this second team of Outsiders through the end of their recorded adventures. Recently, she has been inexplicably spotted among the villains who defended Zandia against Young Justice. The truth of her current situation has not been revealed.

During her first tenure with the Outsiders, Wendy became enamored of Gardner Grayle, the Atomic Knight. He seemed interested in her as well, but the extent of their relationship has never been revealed. Her former teammate, Shakedown, also had a crush on Windfall. He has since been murdered by New-Wave.

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