This is a short list of profiles on the adversaries the Outsiders have faced.

Baron Bedlam

This would-be conquestor was the first enemy the Outsiders had to deal with. A neo-nazi villain, and grandson of a dictator who once invaded Markovia's borders where he took over for a time during WW2, Bedlam himself tried to take over the country and usurp it from its rightful heirs once again during the early 1980's, even taking Wayne Enterprises excecutive Lucius Fox hostage, and forcing Batman into action to save his alter ego's good employee. Though Bedlam was crushed initially by Geo-Force in a showdown at the governmental palace of Markovia, he was later resurrected via cloning, and targeted the goodies again, including Infinity Inc.

The People's Heroes

This was a Soviet super-team whose powers were developed by the Russians using data analyzed from the Force of July. They fought the Outsiders a few times, and at least once, they fought the Suicide Squad too. Their roster even included a husband and wife named Hammer and Sickle!

Masters of Disaster

Not much is known about the history of the group of super-villains calling themselves the Masters of Disaster. They are a group of mercenaries, and each member of the group controls at least one super-power related in some way to a natural disaster. New-Wave and Windfall are sisters, and Coldsnap and Heatsroke are lovers; their only motivation for joining the Masters of Disaster is to amass enough money to cure their conditions. Shakedown is the hefty one. The Masters of Disaster have fought numerous times with the hero group the Outsiders, and they have spent a good amount of time in the Slab, a prison for super-powered villains. Windfall eventually left the team to join the Outsiders.

Duke of Oil

Earl Dukeston was a businessman whose human body was destroyed by an explosion, and had his mind inserted into a cybernetic body by the extra-legal organization called Skull, who hoped to profiteer from his fuel businesses. On their orders, he infiltrated the Outsiders' HQ trying to steal their secrets. But to his horror, he learned that he was not a cyborg at all, but rather, an elaborate robot whose computerized brain contained memories of the original Dukeston. With his links to humanity coming unglued, he proceeded to attack the Outsiders even more nastily, and was finally plunged into the ocean. However, his robotic body was never recovered, leading Metamorpho to ideally suggest that there was every chance he would return.

Marine Marauder

Not much is known about the exact origins of Dr. Marlene Simmonds, except that according to her, she wanted to achieve wealth without going through the "tedious world" of business and investments (in other words, she took a form of commie-socialist path). She developed a talent for oceanography, finding a way to influence sea life, investing some of her brother's money to begin her career. This may not be the whole story, since there was a male Marine Marauder who'd appeared earlier and attacked Aquaman, and though defeated, escaped capture. It might be possible that the brother she spoke of was the original Marine Marauder, though it hasn't been proven yet. Simmonds' powers enabled her to control all manner of sea life, and she used them to try and extort money from the passengers on a cruise liner, and even tried to siphon powers out of Looker. Simmonds was last seen in the clutches of an octopus, towed into the ocean.

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